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The uNdeRstanD Program provides all communities a platform to express their feelings through dance. 

The uNdeRstanD Program gives students of all ages, race, cultural backgrounds, sexual preferences, and/or special needs a forum to explain stories through movement, rather than words. This is to explore a range of emotion based on their personal experiences. This is done through the media of movement, dance, and dialogue at various facilities throughout east/west coasts in small groups with Michael Nickerson-Rossi.


"The goal of the program is to explore through movement the issues that weigh down the attendees spirit, so they may eventually become creative people with the self-confidence to turn adversity into a stepping-stone for success. We provide a platform to speak their minds and be heard."


Living from your heart creates honesty, a pure perception of what you instruct your body to give. Emotional and physical elements surface, giving the dance life. As a whole, your body then participates. If you dive in heart first-this is where you will be seen as authentic. Nickerson-Rossi has a deep profound love to work with kids and guide them to a healthy and positive existence. 

View the slides below to gain insight on programs that "uNdeRstanD" has partnered with.


"To express something with your body, not vocally, but physically, is an experience that evokes many layers deeply hidden, yet providing a healthy release."


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