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NRD provides dance programming to the school districts of Riverside County (from elementary to high school) with an emphasis on Social and Emotional Learning. We focus on the following...

+ Self-awareness
+ Empathy for others
+ Social Skills
+ Making responsible decisions
+ Team Work
+ Understanding and managing emotions
+ Decision Making
+ Establishing/ maintaining positive relationships

+ Emotional + Artistic Expression
+ Locomotive Skills

NRD believes in equitable access and uses these student scholarships to provide a chance for these children to thrive and discover themselves in a structured and positive environment. 


NRD has been providing assistance to many communities so that the art of dance is accessible, equitable, and attainable. Their work has reached Los Angeles County, Chester County, the City of Philadelphia, San Diego County, New York City, and deep throughout Riverside County.


NRD will be honored to be supported by any organization that believes in its mission. With them or without them, NRD continues on the path that they’re set since 2012.


NRD established both the Palm Springs Dance Academy and the annual Palm Springs International Dance Festival as a foothold here in the community of the Coachella Valley so that dance programming is sustainable to those who are under-served here in this valley. This isn’t just about dancing. This is about providing outlets, this is about providing bridges, this is about providing new perspectives. We want to open the eyes of children to things they cannot see within their own surroundings and either bring them to “it” or “it” to them. 


We want to be here as a helping hand to guide youth in their future and we need support from our community foundations and members to help achieve this. 

Since 2020


Awarded to Student Scholarships for Youth in the Coachella Valley

How You Can Sponsor a Child
and Support a Parent

Mother and Daughter Love


August 2021 - June 2022

Intro to Dance Class Spot

Financial support for single parents towards a dancer's intro class spot.

Ages 5 - 14.



Dance Performance


August 2021 - May 2022

7 hours of classes per week

Ballet, Modern, and Contemporary

Ages 11 - 19



Dance Practice


August 2021 - May 2022

14 hours of classes per week

Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Pointe, Jazz, Partnering, & Technique Classes

Ages 11 - 19



Any monetary amount is welcomed and appreciated. 


Thank you to our past Sponsors

$20,000 or more

The Anderson Family Grant

$10,000 or more

Geoffrey Moore

$5,000 or more

Dr. John & Laurie Bianchin

$1,000 or more

Brent McDaneld & Javier Morales

$250 or more

Jerry & D'Re Stergios

Howard Sayette

$100 or more

George Ortiz

Joe Lawrence