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Est. 2021


Dance House
A custom-built venue thoughtfully designed by dancers for dancers.

Located at
611 South Palm Canyon Dr (Unit 10 - 12)
Palm Springs, CA 92264

Our mission is to incubate new dance works/residencies, paying homage to traditional genres and providing a more profound knowledge of dance education for impressionable youth-led by working professionals to have a comprehensive education benefiting their journey to seek a sustainable career in dance. 

NRD_2022_Gala_April_photographer Taso Papadakis_0757.jpg

Nickerson-Rossi’s Dance House is proud to provide a platform to foster cutting-edge repertoire from seasoned and emerging choreographers to gain artistic growth in our community and inform attendees how to assess, understand, react and expand their knowledge of culture and concert dance. 

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nrd_tse_premiere_still photo_march 2022_photographer taso papadakis_0032 2.JPG



Seats up to 120 people

Main Stage

  • 50ft x 30ft Sprung Dance Floor

  • Reversible Black & White Marley or Wood Flooring

  • Mirrors & Curtains to Cover Mirrors  

  • Lighting Board


  • Backstage performers area

  • Kitchenette

  • Garage Door for Props and Alley Entrance

Studio Space

  • Additional 20ft x 40ft dance studio space

  • Overflow backstage space

dance house.png
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