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NRD is on a mission to engage, inspire, and ignite the mind, body, and senses, by using dance as a language to reach multiple audiences. NRD produces professional, educational, therapeutic, and community-centric dance programming to excite the arts community, provide space for and nurturing of new, innovative, and creative programs, provide equitable access for youth to train and excel in dance, and provide opportunities for under-invited communities to experience dance at a high caliber platform. 


We plan to place the Coachella Valley on the map for being known as a mecca for dance and its representative dance company, Nickerson-Rossi Dance.

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Michael Nickerson-Rossi
Founder/ Artistic Director

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Chad Allen Ortiz

Executive Director


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The Palm Springs Dance Academy (PSDA) is the official school of the Nickerson-Rossi Dance Company. The Academy's mission is to provide comprehensive dance education for pre-professional dancers and to serve the community with enrichment, outreach, home school, and after-school dance programs. The faculty at Palm Springs Dance Academy will nurture and stimulate intellectual, artistic, and technical creativity.

PSIDF (White).png

Spring Series 2023

7th Annual Spring "Gala"

March 24th - April 2nd, 2023


The Palm Springs International Dance Festival (PSIDF) exists to provide a platform for dance artists to produce and share their work, enhance the local communities of the Coachella Valley’s understanding of concert dance, provide comprehensive education to youth, to cultivate the sustainability of concert dance, and to celebrate diversity and world cultures.

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The Nickerson-Rossi Dance Company is an internationally renowned contemporary dance company.


Top modern dancers in the industry are hired to perform in company performances, tour, and educate. 


Dancers that aspire to work Nickerson-Rossi Dance are given the opportunity to train with the company through various college residencies and the apprenticeship training program.

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Nickerson-Rossi Dance Education launches its latest program, "School Alliance," to provide Unified School Districts and Private Institutions throughout the Coachella Valley with quality dance classes and experiences with professional dancers!

Currently providing PSUSD Families

with dance classes at no cost!


EST. 2021


A custom-built venue thoughtfully designed by dancers for dancers. 

Michael Nickerson-Rossi


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