We will be seeking 25 of the world’s most talented pre-professional & young professional dancers between the ages 16 and 22 to participate in the two week dance company experience workshop from July 10th to July 26th, 2020 in London, UK.

November 2019 - January 2020 (multiple locations)

AUDITION | International Dance Tour in London

NRD’s “Masterpiece” will be a stunning compilation of Michael Nickerson-Rossi's life’s work showcasing the compelling choreography and talented soulful beauty of the dancers.

At the Coachella Valley Repertory in Palm Springs, CA

December 8, 2019 | 2pm & 7pm

NRD presents "Masterpiece" | Full company repertoire

The Gala House - Modern Home for Modern Dance. A fabulous and unforgettable tour and reception experience for guests during Modernism Week.  This first-time event was created by Michael Nickerson-Rossi, founder of International Dance Festival in Palm Springs and Nickerson-Rossi Dance to further explore the visual and dynamic relationship between dance and design.

February 22, 2020

NRD is in Modernism Week!

Nickerson-Rossi Dance presents the IDF in Philadelphia, PA!

-student programming

-professional concert

-highlight performance for local dance makers

-and so much more...

January 17-19, 2020

International Dance Festival in Philadelphia

Nickerson-Rossi Dance presents IDF in Palm Springs, CA!

-student programming

-professional concerts

-community outreach

-VIP events

-and so much more...

April 2-5, 2020

International Dance Festival in Palm Springs