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The Repertoire

Visually stunning and compelling choreography to engage, inspire, and ignite.

Artistic Director Michael Nickerson-Rossi's work is filled with complex intricacies that unravel through a beautifully orchestrated mixture of movement and emotion. 

(Equal)ity (2019)

Nature? Nurture? Social?

"Equality" questions what does equal actually mean?


With (2017)

Originally male and female cast (2014)

_with_ 2.PNG

Are you "With" me or against me?

Second Skin (2016)


Premiered at the Teatro Regio (Royal Theater) in Torino, Italy


Memory serves us as a "Second Skin." Familiar, yet newly discovered. Sturdy and sensitive at the same time. This duet reveals the double-sidedness of human minds that contemplate knowing versus the unknown.

This piece was created on Principal Dancer, Chad Allen Ortiz, and Martha Graham Soloist, Lorenzo Pagano in Torino, Italy at the Royal Theater to captive the Italian audiences. In a world where languages do not correspond, dance was there to speak a common ground - a second skin.

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"Apropos," fitting to its purpose. This is a dramatically powerful performance piece that represents one being certain among their life endeavors.

Apropos premiered with Principal Dancer, Chad Allen Ortiz. In the program, "Past and Present" at the Palm Springs Art Museum's Annenberg Theater, the company's repertoire was presented all in one program. Apropos, at the time, was an ever so present concept in Nickerson-Rossi's life. Truly apropos.

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Apropos (2016)

Deeply Rooted (2014)

To invest with trust. The reliance on integrity and surety of a partner, lover, friend. To love another person means I have a responsibility to uphold, and it is then we are "Deeply Rooted."

This passion driven duet has the most miles out of all of the repertoire. Created on N.R.D. Principals Chad Allen Ortiz and Brooklynn Reeves, this work highlights the company's stars at their best. Sit back and take a deep breath. Let it wash over you. Something so clear is revealed by the end of the work you are left in awe.

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D.N.A. (2013)


This technically sound and dramatic work group ensemble piece is visually and symbolically expressing a new kind of life.

Based on a proposal submitted to the Palm Springs Art Museum to help celebrate the 75th anniversary of the city of Palm Springs, CA. Nickerson-Rossi choreographed "D.N.A." specifically for the community of Palm Springs. Concert dance did not have a strong presence in the desert. It was Nickerson-Rossi Dance that pioneered this development in 2013. Fast forwarding to March 2017, Nickerson-Rossi produced the first annual Palm Springs Dance Festival. The D.N.A. of concert dance is now alive and thriving in the Palm Springs.

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Remembering The Unremembered  (2011)

Conceived from an intimate conversation with a dear friend who has brought deep integrity to this group ensemble work. Inspired by, and create solely from an experience, that will forever haunt the heart and mind of a loving mother. When one endures a challenge that can not seek a community for answers, it haunts.


Does this haunt lend itself comfort with a loved one?


Here lies a sacrificial lifestyle only for the one to discover and uncover...

When exactly do humans feel true comfort? 

Where is it that we experience a deliverance of guilt, deep hearted pain, loneliness, failure, broken dreams or lost moments. "Remembering the Unremembered" answers those long posed questions. Remember those lost moments and live in them - find comfort, answers, lost love and happiness - invite them to the world of dance. Please allow dance to uncover your unasked questions and repair the ownership of guilt that you know quite well.

Remember yourself, remember your heart, remember your authenticity, remember me, remembering you...

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This work is dedicated to Char An Ireland

Cause and Effect (2011)

dance (2 of 8).JPG

"Cause & Effect" - with every effect, there is a corresponding cause.

This is the first work created into the Nickerson-Rossi Dance repertoire.

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