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611 South Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs, CA 92264

The Palm Springs Dance Academy (PSDA) is the official school of the Nickerson-Rossi Dance Company. The Academy's mission is to provide comprehensive dance education for pre-professional dancers and to serve the community with enrichment, outreach, home school, and after-school dance programs. The faculty at Palm Springs Dance Academy will nurture and stimulate intellectual, artistic, and technical creativity.


The Academy Classes were created for the gifted young dance artist in recognition of their need for highly specialized and rigorous training to prepare young talent for the intense competition they will meet in colleges, conservatories, and the professional dance world.

Gaining Momentum? Classes for beginning-level dancers who have previous training but aren't quite at the level of our core academy programming. Ideal for ages 7 - 15.


The Palm Springs Dance Academy also provides Intro to Dance as an introduction for new dancers ages 5 - 11 years old. These dance classes will provide Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). Focuses include Self-awareness, Social Skills, Team Work, Decision Making, Emotional & Artistic Expression, and Locomotive Skills.


Adult Classes have been programmed to engage the community. It doesn't matter if you're new to dance or if you've been dancing your whole life. We have a class for you!


The Apprenticeship Program provides comprehensive dance education for pre-professional dancers ages 18 - 24 to train among industry leaders in a curriculum of in-depth studies that include; concert dance, theory, composition, and pedagogy.


The Academy Performance Group provides students with valuable performance opportunities that will include, but are not limited to; traveling and performing a company repertoire by the directors of the PSDA and guest choreographers.

Intro to Dance

Ages 5 - 11


Ages 7 - 15

Core Classes

Ages 12 - 18

Adult Dance

Ages 18+