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Premiered 2013

in Palm Springs, CA

at the Palm Springs Annenberg Theater

Photo by Joe Lambie



Michael Nickerson-Rossi

Running Time: 20:00

Dancers: 7


Ludovico Einaudi and Zoe Keating

The History

February 4-5th, 2016

Annenberg Theater presented N.R.D.

in "Past and Present"

at the Palm Springs Art Museum's Annenberg Theater

in Palm Springs, CA

May 2013

Marsee Theater presents "Nickerson-Rossi Dance"

at the Marsee Theater Center for the Arts

in Torrance, CA

May 2013

"Come Together Dance Festival" produced by Koresh

at the Suzanne Roberts Theater

Philadelphia, PA

March 2013

"Celebrate Dance" produced by Jaime Nichols

at the Alex Theater

Glendale, CA

Premiered January 2013

"D.N.A." produced by The Museum Art Council 

at the Palm Springs Art Museum's Annenberg Theater

Palm Springs, CA

a “celebration of beauty and skill.”



from Palm Springs Life Magazine

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 "impactful and therapeutic dance programming"


-Will Senn

from the Inland Empire Weekly

"The dramatic dance movements and facial expressions of the dancers inspired an enormous emotional response from the audience, prompting Michael Nickerson-Rossi to take many questions from the audience after each dance. Excitement was in the air, with patrons voicing their great pleasure in this well-received event. This is exactly what our desert area has been longing for. 'How wonderful to spend the evening enjoying this cultural expression of modern dance,' said one enthralled guest."

-Dodie Cross

A Special to the Desert Sun

"It communicated both the vigilant control and transcendent grace required by the art of dance, factors which are also essential to recovery from emotional trauma, thereby uniting the medium and the message seamlessly."


Rachel Levin from Explore Dance

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"...especially inspiring to the soul."


Shari Barret from Broadway World

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