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PhiladelphiaDance.Org | Nickerson-Rossi Platforms Emerging Artists at Direct/Link

August 18, 2019

"This showcase provided more than just a platform for independent and emerging artists; as many of the performers were college age, this opportunity came at an important transitional period in their lives as artists. In platforming these young movers, NRD provides exposure as well as experience; giving them a taste of the professional world as well as the support and networking perks that come alongside working with a company like NRD."


Winfield Maben - PhiladelphiaDance.Org

Lewis J Whittington - Philadelphia, PA

PhiladelphiaDance.Org | NRD cruises with Full Throttle

August 14, 2018

"The stated core mission of Nickerson-Rossi Dance, “thrives to be community-centric” was ambitiously represented in this program. Just as impressive is the obvious camaraderie and positivity that Nickerson-Rossi fosters with immersive training, educational and studio environments."

Lewis J Whittington - Philadelphia, PA

Fig West Chester | Inspire, Engage, Delight

"Needless to say, adding the dance component with the Nickerson-Rossi company makes the Uptown center a full-fledged theater of the arts."

Catherine Quillman - West Chester, PA

Chester County Press | A Thriving Home for the Arts

May 16, 2017

...during a tour of the Uptown! Knauer Performing Arts Center in April, Michael Nickerson-Rossi showed off the results: A pristine main theater space with brand-new seating, lighting and sound system; studio space upstairs and downstairs; two bar/reception areas; two immaculate new dressing rooms; rehearsal spaces…

John Chambless - Chester County, PA

Philadelphia Dance .Org | Hope Rising Concert Inspires Awareness and Action

November 19, 2016

"Choreography Michael Nickerson-Rossi’s ballet solo that also broke away in moments of modern movement. Dancer Chad Allen Ortiz works impressively in adagio, every position polished."

Lewis Whittington - Philadelphia, PA

The Coachella Valley Art Scene | Eisenhow Fluid Art Series

February 22, 2016

“Incredibly moving from the strong display of soulful affection, my personal favorite was the closing piece titled “Deeply Rooted” starring Chad Ortiz and Brooklynn Reeves. Nickerson-Rossi Dance: Past & Present was nothing short of beautifully riveting – an exquisite addition to this year’s new Annenberg Theatre Program.”

Sarah Scheideman - Coachella Valley, CA

Desert Sun | Art in Motion

October 28, 2015

“...expect a compelling, provocative and dramatic program presented by beautifully athletic and artistic male and female dancers”

Will Dean - Palm Springs, CA

GET OUT Long Beach | Nickerson-Rossi Dance Wants You To Experience Life Through Dance

September 14, 2015

"At the first glance, one can see the hard work and dedication the dancers of Nickerson-Rossi Dance Company convey through their talent. Simply witnessing them creating movement brings on a sense of ease and enchantment."

Danielle Delgado - Long Beach, CA

Performing Arts LIVE | Los Angeles Dance Festival

April 11, 2015

"They were our TOP pick of the evening..."

 Mike Napoli - Los Angeles, CA

Wicked Local Provincetown | Cape Cod Dance Festival

July 26, 2014

“New to the festival, Los Angeles-based Nickerson-Rossi Dance is debuting a pas de deux called “Deeply Rooted,” choreographed by artistic director Michael Nickerson-Rossi with music by French Composer Quentin Sirjacq. “His dancers are so edgy and sexy and beautiful,” Wolf says.”

Liz Wolf - Cape Cod, MA

LA Dance Review | MTC Presents New Works

July 14, 2014

“Deeply Rooted choreographed by Michael Nickerson- Rossi superbly demonstrates the haunting power of symbiotic connection. The dancers seem to feel and affect one another with or without physical contact. Grace and strength carry both dancers through fluid transitions and breathtaking weight- sharing moments. Their organic and passionate co-responsiveness grips the heart and makes this piece a must- see.”

Beth Megill - Los Angeles, CA

LA Dance Review | Beginnings and Awakenings Festival Review

May 18, 2013

"The performance ["Phoneix"] possessed a hypnotic quality as the dancers organized and reorganized in various pairings and designs in the space sometimes feeling like one bird sometimes feeling like many.“

Beth Megill - Los Angeles, CA

Broadway World Review | 8th Annual CELEBRATE DANCE 2013 Presents Premiere Performances

March 09, 2013

"The final moment with the dancers on their knees looking up into the light was especially inspiring to the soul."

Shari Barret - Los Angeles, CA

Explore Dance | Celebrate Dance 2013 - Riveting Resilence

March 09, 2013

It ["DNA"] communicated both the vigilant control and transcendent grace required by the art of dance, factors which are also essential to recovery from emotional trauma, thereby uniting the medium and the message seamlessly.

Rachel Levin - Los Angeles, CA

Desert Sun (Special)

The performers used creative body and facial expressions to depict themes of life, death, culture and compassion in their dance performances. They were clearly dedicated and sternly passionate about their roles, and the audience responded with poignant compassion. 

Dodie Cross - Palm Springs, CA

Palm Springs LIFE Magazine | Tripping the Lights Fantastically

October 23, 2012

 “...a celebration of beauty and skill.”

Joan McKenna - Palm Springs, CA

Inland Empire Weekly

"Nickerson-Rossi Dance Company will be gracing the Inland Empire with impactful and therapeutic dance programming and performance this week. Nickerson-Rossi Dance is a Long Beach-based non-profit dance company that not only has a long history of dramatic and artistic narrative performance, but aims at helping people to find solace in expression through movement."

Evan Senn - Inland Empire, CA

San Diego Review | Great Digs, So-so Dance at PGK’s “Welcome to Summer”

July 02, 2013

“He’s the real thing.”

Janice Stienberg - San Diego, CA

Santa Barabra Independent

June 04, 2011

“Nickerson-Rossi’s work contributed to be the most romantic work of the festival”

Critic Charles Donelan - Santa Barbara, CA

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