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Michael Nickerson-Rossi’s choreography is filled with complex intricacies that unravel through a beautifully orchestrated mixture of artistic movement and emotional freedom. It has been recognized as profound and it is with this passion he creates quality and meaningful programming throughout the world. Currently, you can find Michael teaching choreography and composition at John Hopkins University "Peabody Conservatory," Directing at his school "Palm Springs Dance Academy," and continuing to present concert dance works in theaters worldwide and films online.

Michael's Accomplishments 


+ Nickerson-Rossi Dance premieres at the Palm Springs Annenberg Theater in California.


+ Nickerson-Rossi Dance is established as a dance company.


+ Nickerson-Rossi Dance launches its first east coast tour in MassachusettsPennsylvania, and New York.


+ Nickerson-Rossi Dance is established as a non-profit 501(c)3.

+ Served as the Creative Director of Dance at the Palm Springs Annenberg Theater in California.

+ Founded his festival in California, "The Palm Springs Dance Festival" (2015 - 2019).


+ Served as Creative Director of Dance and resident dance company for the Uptown Knauer Performing Arts Center in Chester County,




+ Built a modern/contemporary dance program at Princeton Ballet in New Jersey. This program transitioned dancers from ballet to

   contemporary dance preparing them for the college and professional environments.

+ Becomes adjunct faculty at Johns Hopkins University Peabody Institute (2018 - current)


+ Became partners with Riverside County Office of Education. Michael teaches professional development programs to district teachers and      extends dance programs to over 420,000 students county-wide!  

+ Outgrew his original "Palm Springs Dance Festival" which is now the "Palm Springs International Dance Festival." This festival is a platform

   for all Nickerson-Rossi Dance programming. From education, community engagement, professional development and professional dance


+ Founded his dance school, "Palm Springs Dance Academy" in California.


+ Became Art Partners with Barbara Sinatra Children's Center, providing Therapeutic Dance Programming.


+ Opens "Nickerson-Rossi's Dance House" in Downtown, Palm Springs as a venue to continue bringing dance and arts programming to the Coachella Valley.


+ Opens a brand-new facility off of El Paseo in Palm Desert, California.

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