Roberto Amaral

Beginning with a short 5-minute explanation of how, when and where Flamenco was first introduced to the world, Master teacher Roberto Amaral will follow with a 10-minute demonstration of all the different elements that make up this dance form (music, rhythm, lyrical and percussive body movements) and how they coordinate with each other in various ways. The remainder of the class will be devoted to teaching these basic elements, finally combining them into a short, simple and fun Flamenco choreography. The main goal of this class is to introduce Flamenco to all of you who have had little or no previous exposure to this beautiful dance form, and by the end of the class have you actually experience dancing in a genre and style that you will find to be new, exciting and adventurous.


Saturday, April 4th

1:00 pm - 2:45 pm


Step by Step Dance Studio

316 N Palm Canyon Drive

Palm Springs, CA 92262


Level TBD

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