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The Artistic Director of Nickerson-Rossi Dance, Michael Nickerson-Rossi, is passionate about his therapeutic outreach work. In this evening of concert dance, Michael shares his work with the Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center in collaboration with the professional dancers of Nickerson-Rossi Dance and members of the Cancer Support Group. In a four-part series of dance works, Michael shares the stories of cancer survivors through the medium of dance. Trauma, triumph, loss, and true love… be reminded why we fight to live and why sharing love is most valuable. 

Plus a special guest soloist from the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts Dance Department, with choreography by the Department Director, Jeneane Huggins.

A word from Jeneane Huggins


"We were so lucky to be invited to incorporate a solo in “Our Bodies.” This solo, "Shedding," was created from the family member’s perspective who has to now think of others and shed their problems. A mother with cancer, a nurse who has had no break, the family watching around her... everyday problems become small when cancer steps into her life. She is stripped, but stands with pride and is strong for those around her."

Special Thank You to

Alison Sachs

Director of Community Outreach & Cancer Support Services

Mitch Blumberg

Supporter of Nickerson-Rossi Dance

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Michael Nickerson-Rossi
Founder / Artistic Director

The Dancers
Nickerson-Rossi Dance Company
Marissa Andresky, Samantha DeMarco,
Riley Hart, Hailee Mitchell,
Kayla Mutterer, & Sarah Warren

Las Vegas Academy of the Arts Dance Department 
Mia Ibach


NRD Annenberg Jan 2023_Photographer Taso Papadakis_00252 copy.jpg

The Program
1. "Introduction"
2. “Stage 3/Triple Negative”  
3. "I Carry Her With Me”
4. "The First Time" & "This Time”
5. “Shedding”

NRD Annenberg Jan 2023_Photographer Taso Papadakis_00399 copy.jpg

Special Thank You to our Donors 

Dr. John and Laurie Bianchin


Anderson Children's Foundation

Barbara Fromm

Jewish Community Foundation

Thanks to Diane Gershowitz

Technical Director & Lighting Design

Nick Wass


Chris Bishop

Denise Bowman

Kari Penny

Kendall Russo

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