Why Apply?

- company must be within Pennsylvania,

  New Jersey, or Delaware

- 8 to 11 minutes of choreography

- any style of dance can apply

"MERDE! The Dance Makers Moment"

Open Application

There is no fee to apply!

Out of those who apply, the International Dance Festival (IDF) panel will select up to 7 professional companies / choreographers to present a dance work in the "MERDE! A Dance Makers Moment" performance on January 17th, 2020 during the festival. 

The audience will select their preferred work of the evening. The work chosen of higher interest will be commissioned by IDF to premiere the piece in their programming in 2021.

Have any questions?

Email: info@nickersonrossidance.com

Call: 951-970-2906

Application Closes December 1st, 2019


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