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Does COVID-19 have you worried? 

Do not be afraid!


We at Nickerson-Rossi Dance

and the Palm Springs Dance Academy

are taking every measure to ensure that safety, health and government standards are applied to all programming and classes.

Last Updated August 2nd, 2020

+ Each dance class has a maximum of 12 students enrolled


+ All employees have been told not to come to work if sick. 


􏰀+ All employees must wear facial coverings in the workplace, if within six feet of others.

􏰀+ Break rooms, bathrooms, other common areas and high-touch surfaces are regularly cleaned and sanitized. 

+ Employees are required to wear a face covering.

+ The facility requires that dancers and guests must wear facial coverings. 

+ Hand Sanitizer is available to all guests and dancers

+ Classes will end 5 to 10 minutes early so faculty can properly sanitize the dance space.

+ The facility determines to place tape or other floor markings at and/or within customer queues to assist customers in maintaining a six-foot social distance. 

+ The facility has established a maximum number of clients and customers with the facility to reasonably maintain a six- foot social distance to the greatest extent practical. This occupancy limit must not exceed pre-existing statutory limits, such as those set by the Fire Marshal or other regulatory agency.