Chad Allen began as an apprentice of Nickerson-Rossi Dance in 2014, training under the direction of Michael Nickerson-Rossi. He was promoted to company dancer in 2015, then Principal dancer in 2016, to Educational Director of both NRD and the Palm Springs Dance Festival in 2017. Now he is the Executive Director of NRD and the International Dance Festival in Palm Springs. He has educated 8 high schools, 7 universities, worked with names like Princeton Ballet, New York Live Arts, Los Angeles Dance Festival, and Cape Cod Dance Festival.

He will be working with Delaware Dance Education Organization, New York University, and Irvine Valley College assisting Michael Nickerson-Rossi.

Through NRD's multiple dance programs throughout Southern California and the Upper East Coast he has coordinated and managed over 32 high schools, 35 universities, 20 professional dance companies/choreographers, countless amounts of dance studios/academies, and 2 major non-profits: the Flourish Foundation with Jackie Lopez’s Versa-Style Next Generation in Los Angeles, thanks to Monica Rosenthal, and Sister Mary’s Project Home in Philadelphia. Not to forget the multiple programs throughout Palm Springs with Louisa Castrodale, the Palm Springs Unified School District’s Arts Coordinator.

He built and developed the Palm Springs Dance Festival brand, and online social marketing. Now he is in the process of developing the International Dance Festival, also building numerous relationships with magazines, blogs, and other marketing publications.

Chad Allen has danced nationally and internationally performing throughout California, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, South Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and Italy.

Additionally, Chad Allen runs his own social marketing and branding company known as Transparent Compositions. Where he has assisted Jamie Nichols of Celebrate Dance Los Angeles and Katheryn Kearns of the National High School Dance Festival with their brand and websites.

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